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A Case for Myers-Brigg, Part 2

on October 11, 2013

I vaguely recall an English class or two where I had to write a “persuasive argument.”  I’m all of a sudden wishing I could remember anything about how to be persuasive!  And I’m really worried that I’m not going to be able to do justice to my love of Myers-Brigg.  I mean, I love it.  But I’m not an expert…at all.  Remember I just got into this because my roommates senior year were into this.  And we were the same girls who named our apartment.  And beat Super Mario Brothers from inside a tent.  My credibility is limited.

Apparently, I deleted the picture of us in the tent (why I did that, I have no idea).  But to prove that we were silly...here I am with my roommate, proudly holding homemade Eagles jerseys.  That's not weird, right?

Apparently, I deleted the picture of us in the tent (why I did that, I have no idea). But to prove that we were silly…here I am with my roommate, proudly holding little Eagles jerseys that we’d made.  That’s not weird, right?

So, let’s dive in.  If we were together, I’d probably talk about the letters and what they mean.  But why rewrite what’s already been done?  Go here for a good break down of the letters.  I like to really understand each letter (that way I can tweak the results of the test, if I feel like it didn’t accurately portray me).

Then, after I did a monologue on the letters and you were sufficiently hooked, I’d make you take the test.  Yes, I would hover over your shoulder and watch you answer.  And I’d probably try to formulate my own guess for what type you are.

I would also spend a good amount of time telling my over-analyze-y friends to “Stop over-analyzing!”   And I’d spend a lot of time telling my I-hate-being-put-in-a-box friends that this wasn’t really going to put them in a box, and to just give it a chance.  And with all my friends, I’d probably giggle and squeal, “This is so fun!  I’m so glad you’re willing to do this with me!!”  (I really am a nerd.)

Now, the fun part.  You’ve got your type, and you’ve got some percentages for how strong your letters are.  I highly recommend googling the type and reading about your type.  This website is a decent place to start.  If you find that the description isn’t feeling totally true, I would have you try some different letters (especially the ones that you were “weaker” on).  I really do believe that you can find a description for you that is shockingly accurate for you (yes, even you, Miss I-hate-being-boxed-in).

But what I like best about MBTI (that’s what the pros call it) is that it fits so well into our Christian walk.  There is room for the Lord to refine us.  In fact, I believe that the closer we are to the Lord the more balanced our letters will be.

For example, I’m an ISTJ…and pretty introverted, right?  And there are some serious benefits to my introversion.  I tend to be good at certain spiritual disciplines, like journaling and reading and studying (if you count listening to sermons as study).  I’m not naturally good at the more extroverted disciplines, like evangelism or preaching.  HOWEVER, being an introvert does not give me an excuse to bury myself in solitary things.  We are all called to share our faith with others…which is going to involve interacting with other people.  So clearly, I need the Lord to grow me in that area.  And He will.  (He has!)  So, as I come to love the Lord more and more, I actually become less of an I and more of and E.  I become more balanced.

It’s really very cool.  We could do that with all the letters!  And that is what I find so awesome about Myers-Brigg.  That it can show us where we are strong and naturally gifted (I have a natural talent for making and completing to-do lists…thanks to my strong J), but it also shows us where we need to grow and where we need to let the Lord change us (flexibility and an ability to go with the flow can help me be a better friend/wife/mom).

If you’ve taken the test, do you see areas where the Lord has transformed (or is transforming) your natural personality/gift into something more balanced?


Next up:  Part 3…in which we talk about me, and how awesome it is to be an ISTJ.  Because even though they say there’s no “right” type, I know differently.  ISTJ FTW!!  (And yes, I am cool enough to use “FTW”.  Hopefully, you’re cool enough to know what it means.  Though I suppose you can google it and then just pretend you knew what it meant all along.)


3 responses to “A Case for Myers-Brigg, Part 2

  1. rmfowler90 says:

    I think I’m more P than J though I believe the test said the opposite . . . well actually I’d say I’m about 1/2 and 1/2 . . .

    • carleymorse says:

      And I would tend to believe that half and half is really ideal. I know there are areas that I should really loosen up and be a little more P. 🙂 I think we should go out for coffee sometime…and talk about our types. So fun!

  2. Melissa says:

    I had to google it :-/

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