A Life Stirred

Some random thoughts before the snow

on February 13, 2014

There’s a big snowstorm coming (12-18 inches!).  So naturally, I’m all kinds of excited.  I love winter.  And snow.  It’s just so pretty and white and cold and fun.  Plus, I love that a snowstorm gives you a legit excuse to snuggle up, drink hot chocolate, and watch a movie.  And if you go outside at all, it pretty much qualifies you to be the Mother of the Year.

My favorite snow bunnies.

My favorite snow bunnies.

Because of the pending snow, Ben swapped his President’s Day vacation day for tomorrow.  So right now, it’s our Friday!  And we’re hanging out, doing nothing.  De-light-ful.

You know what’s not delightful?  My infected finger.  So gross.  So painful.  So small…and yet I’m pretty sure it’s killing me.  (Don’t worry, I’m on the road to healing, but for the past 4 days, I’ve been dying.)  You’d think after giving birth twice I’d be a little tougher on the pain scale.  Nope.  The nurses asked me to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10, and I wanted to say 8.  I said  2 because that seemed more reasonable.

I find the faces helpful.  "Yes, I'm at a 2.  Because I'm smiling, but not all the way."

I find the faces helpful. “Yes, I’m at a 2. Because I’m smiling, but not all the way.”

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  More than normal, I guess.  Or at least more focused.  At the IF: Gathering (a women’s conference), Rebekah Lyons  talked about calling.  She said calling is where our burden and talents intersect.  So I’ve been thinking about what God’s burdened me for (oooof…grammatically, that sentence hurts).  And I’ve been thinking about my talents.  I’m excited to see what God will teach me about my calling.

I’ve also been thinking about this post by Ben’s cousin’s wife.  So my cousin-in-law?  Is that a real thing?  I feel like we’re best friends.  Her boys (who are stinkin’ adorable) are pretty much exactly the age of my girls.  So I feel like that qualifies us for best friend status.  Except I’ve never met her, and I just read her blog and out-loud agree with everything she writes and then spend days thinking about it and quoting it to anyone who will listen.  Does that make me a creepy cousin-in-law?  I hope not.  Because someday we’re going to meet, and I’m going to have to play it cool.  [“Oh, you have a blog?  How interesting.  I’ll have to check that out sometime.”]

Anyway, that post was really good.  I totally recommend it.  (And hey, if you read it now, you’ll have a head start for your next conversation with me…because odds are, I’ll quote it.)  It’s about encouraging one another.  A topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, even before her post.   I definitely have a burden to encourage others.  And maybe some talent?  Could it be a calling?  No idea.  So, yeah.  Gonna leave it hanging there.  I’m pretty sure I’ll come back to it, but it deserves it’s own post (or twelve).

Well, Claire is clamoring for food.  Even though she ate 1.5 hours ago.  But whatever.  It’s what I do at night.  Nurse.  All the time.  Sigh.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.  Enjoy the snow!!

Seriously.  Mother. Of. The. Year.  It doesn't even matter that everyone is crabby.

Seriously. Mother. Of. The. Year. It doesn’t even matter that everyone is crabby.


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