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Life Without Facebook

on May 14, 2014

Ok, so have you ever met someone who is super-duper, almost-obnoxiously passionate about something?  And they spend all their time with you trying to convince you that you should be just as passionate about that something?  And they try to convince you that their convictions are (or should be) your convictions too?

Yeah, I’m that person now.  About Facebook.  Seriously, everyone just needs to quit Facebook.  Now.  It’s so much better.  Do it.

I do, however, realize that not everyone is where I am.  I believe there is a way to use Facebook to enhance relationships and interactions.  Maybe.  If you have a lot of self-control and no struggles with your identity in Christ.

But I have talked to so many people in the past week who get frustrated with Facebook and yet can’t imagine life without it.  I’m only one week in, but let me tell you, it is possible to have a life without Facebook.  And so very worth it.

So, I thought I’d share six things I’ve learned so far in this journey.  And perhaps if you are on the Facebook-fence, this might just knock you off that fence onto my side.

1. “Formally” leaving Facebook is very different than just successfully limiting usage.

A lent or two ago, I gave up Facebook, using it only on Sundays.  It was good.  But it was always still there in the back of my mind as an option.  Actually deactivating my account has been really freeing.  As far as my Facebook friends know, I’m gone.  All my pictures, videos, statuses, links are gone.  BUT if I do choose to go back, it’ll all be there waiting for me.  Plus there’s accountability in deactivating my account.  I can’t really just sneak back on and browse for a few minutes.

2.  Some of my issues were heart issues not Facebook issues. 

This isn’t really a shocker, but it turns out I can still use my time poorly and get lost in jealousy and comparison…even without Facebook.  That’s because my issues go deeper than Facebook.  BUT without Facebook, I’m finding it’s harder to avoid dealing with the heart issue.  It’s like I got just one step closer to yanking out the root cause for good.  So that’s a win.

3.  Real life interactions are even more precious.

Remember when we used to hear the big news in person?  Or when someone would invite us to something face-to-face?  Talk about old-timey.  But there has been something very sweet about sharing information in-person!

My friend had a baby this week, and another friend had to tell me when she saw me.  We got to share the excitement together.  We ooooh-ed and aaaaaah-ed the baby together.  It was like a little bit of community…right there, in the real world.  Go figure.

An example of a  baby worth oooh-ing and aaaah-ing with a friend.  (Also, how is Claire almost a year old?!  That is not right.)

An example of a baby worth oooh-ing and aaaah-ing with a friend. (Also, how is Claire almost a year old?! That is not right.)

Also, I love the fact that I’m not always saying, “Yeah, I saw that on facebook.”  Without Facebook, I am able to be more present with those I’m with.  Novel concept, right?

4.  I am forced to be more intentional and deliberate about my friendships.

Because in the real world I can’t actually have 100 good friends.  So, instead of having superficial relationships with lots of people, I have to be deliberate about who I seek out and whose lives I know about. And vice versa.  If you want to be my friend (and know about everything that’s happening in my life), you’re going to have to make some effort.  (But please do!  I’m a lot of fun!)

Friends.  Real life friends.

Friends. Real life friends.

 5.  Facebook affected my heart and mind and attitude waaaaaaay more than I ever realized.

It seemed like mindless scrolling, but it really wasn’t.  Everything I saw, read, heard, and wrote affected my mind and heart and thoughts.  I don’t think it was as harmless as I thought it was.  Because one week in and I feel more peace and less pressure.  Pressure I didn’t even know existed.

Aaaand, I’m realizing that every picture I took, every cute video, every interesting article I read, every adorable thing Joanna said…it was all fodder for my facebook updates.  It’s taken me a bit to reprogram my thinking, but it’s nice to enjoy those moments without writing a clever status in my head.  (Now, I just spend my time writing clever blog posts in my head.  Improvement?  I’m not sure.)

I just enjoyed this sweet moment.  Without feeling like I wanted to upload it rightthisveryminute.

I just enjoyed this sweet moment. Without feeling like I wanted to upload it rightthisveryminute.

6.  Obeying God is always worth it.

I know that the Lord asked me to let go of Facebook for a season.  I was scared and nervous and hesitant to obey.  But I did it.  And it was absolutely worth it!

God has provided what I need.  He has sent friends to fill me in on the newest babies and the upcoming events.  He has given me an awesome group of close friends who have not let me feel left out.  He given me eyes to see the freedom I’ve gained in the last week.  He has truly blessed me in my obedience.

So, while my opinion on whether or not you should leave Facebook doesn’t really matter, God’s opinion does matter.  If you feel like He might be asking you to take a step of obedience*, let me tell you, that it is worth it.  Obeying God is worth it.  It may not be easy or simple, but it really is always worth it.

[*And hey, for you, it might not be Facebook, but something else entirely.  Like TV or excess stuff or excess food.  Whatever He’s asking, you’d be wise to obey.]

So what do you think?  Is God calling you to take a step of obedience?  Are you a little scared?


6 responses to “Life Without Facebook

  1. rmfowler90 says:

    Way to go Carley!!!!!

  2. Renee says:

    As you know, my season of obedience is prayerfully purging my possessions and growing relationships around Christ’s example. God is blessing my obedience abundantly. Even though some aspects are challenging, it’s well worth it! Btw, I posted it on Facebook

    • carleymorse says:

      And I love watching you find joy in your obedience! There really is something beautiful about obeying the Lord, right?

      (Also, way to sneak your acronym in there!)

  3. […] initial panic attack at the idea of disconnecting from the oh-so-addicting Facebook world, it was great.  No regrets.  No struggles.  Just a liberating freedom and joy that comes from obeying the […]

  4. Tami says:

    I can relate to all of your points so well! In fact, I can relate so much that I want to go “share” this on fb, but won’t because I have also stepped away from it – lol! I am still in the early stages, so I feel that little pang to share, but I have also experienced the freedom and joy you described from listening to God’s whisper. I am excited to see what and who God sends my way, now that I have cleared space in my life by removing my Facebook obsession! Great post!

    • Carley Morse says:

      I just found your comment today! Isn’t it freeing to step away from fb?! Are you still facebook-free? Or have you figured out a way to have a healthy fb-balance? (I’m curious because I just went for it and deleted my account…big step!)

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