A Life Stirred

Life Lately

on May 27, 2014

So, after a nice long weekend, we are kicking off our week with Ben working 18 hours straight.  Grrr.  That’s not fun for anyone.

Normally, I would just sit on the couch and pine for him.  But tonight I decided I’m going to live it up!  I’m making Rice Krispies Treats (and trying not to eat the whole pan before tomorrow).  I mopped and showered.  I’m blogging and crocheting a Christmas stocking (not at the same time).  It’s gonna be a great night.

As a warning, this blog won’t be particularly deep (because being deep takes time, and I’ve got a lot of fun to cram in before I go to bed at 9:30).

1.  Mom’s Night Out and Encouragement

Two weekends ago, I saw “Mom’s Night Out” with a bunch of my mom friends.  It seemed appropriate to have a Mom’s night out to see that movie.  It. was. awesome.  I laughed.  I cried.  I laughed some more.  I highly recommend it.  It was the perfect mix of silly, serious, and touching.  And it got me thinking about the nature of encouragement.  Without ruining much of the plot, Allyson (the main character) was super worn out from motherhood.  She recieves some encouragement from an unlikely source, and then (almost immediately) she is able to pour out encouragement on others.  It was kind of awesome.  That’s the kind of friendship community I want.  Encourage one another so that we can go out an encourage others.  <happy sigh>

2.  I got cocky.

Anyway, the Monday after seeing that movie, I was talking to a friend, and I commented that I just don’t feel as stressed out about motherhood as they did.  Things are genuinely pretty easy for me (my girls are low-key; we’ve got a good routine; I’m able to keep up on house cleaning and laundry).  I wasn’t trying to brag or be obnoxious.  I was mostly just being thankful.

And then Tuesday hit.  Jo was up for 5 hours in the middle of the night and then got up after 2 hours of sleep.  Apparently, she’s cutting her two year molars.  And in case that wasn’t enough (molars suck, by the way), she got a nasty cold, an off-and-0n fever, an earache, and some breathing issues.  Then she passed it on to Claire.  So it’s been a pretty lousy week.

Mmmmm, mmmmm.  Humble pie is tasty.

These moments, however, make up for the hard bits by a lot.

These moments, however, make up for the hard bits by a lot.

3.  My bird friend is back!

Ok, so every year we’ve lived here, there has been this bird that builds a nest in our front door overhang thingy.  And I get totally geeked-out excited.  The nest is like 4 feet away from our door, so I get a front row seat for all the fun baby bird action!  It’s really one of my favorite things.  So today I snagged a picture of the nest.

Whoa, it's gonna be crowded in there.

Whoa, it’s gonna be crowded in there.

4.  My baby is 11 months old.

This just shocks me.  Eleven months old.  That’s like almost a one-year old.  Like my awesome math skills?  You can see why I majored in math, right?  She is bursting with personality these days.  She’s kinda talking.  She says, “Uh-oh” in the most adorable little way.  I laugh every single time.  Aaaand she’s a few good tries away from learning to walk.  Gulp.  That’ll be a game changer.  Either way, her first year is going by waaaaaay too quickly.

11 months.  Whoa.

11 months. Whoa.



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