A Life Stirred

Voice and Purpose and the Most Beautiful Summer Ever

on July 21, 2014

So, I like blogging.  Really, I do.  I like putting my thoughts into coherent sentences.  I like processing though what I’m learning and what the Lord is showing me.

Yet, “blog” frequently ends up at the bottom of my to-do list.  Probably because laundry and meal-making are generally more pressing.

But lately I’ve been thinking about why I blog, if there’s a purpose to it (and if I have anything valuable to say), and if I even have a voice.  It really all boils down to comparison…again….always.  I want to be a different person with a clearer voice and a more popular blog.  If I had those things, then I would be content.  Or not.

[Sidenote:  Do you ever get sick of the thing you struggle with over and over and over?  I am so stinkin’ sick of comparison being my on-going struggle…in every area of my life.  You’d think I would get some freedom from it…but yikes!  It’s a deep issue…apparently.]

Then today, someone asked me if I was going to keep blogging.  It made my heart do a little happy dance.  Maybe I do have something valuable to share.

So I will keep on sharing and writing (albeit not as often as I’d like).  Because even if no one reads, processing through my thoughts and what God is teaching me is always good for me.  It always stirs my affections for the Lord.

On an slightly related note, it’s also been one of the most beautiful summers I have ever experienced.  Like 75 and sunny every. single. day.  It’s kind of glorious.

We've been playing in the lake.

Perfect lake-playing weather.

I suspect that when we return to our 8 months of winter, I will blog more…because what else are you going to do?

But I’m not ready to think about winter yet (which is saying something because I love winter).

So for now…more water and sun and playing and rocks and fun….

A girl and her rocks.

A girl and her rocks.



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