A Life Stirred

Facebook Feelings

on July 24, 2014

I’ve been Facebook-free for nearly 3 months.

I really can’t even believe I made it this long.  (Clearly, I had a lot of faith in my ability to survive without Facebook.)

Honestly, it’s been pretty awesome.  After the initial panic attack at the idea of disconnecting from the oh-so-addicting Facebook world, it was great.  No regrets.  No struggles.  Just a liberating freedom and joy that comes from obeying the Lord.

See?  Liberated and joyful.  (Or at least one of us is.)

See? Liberated and joyful. (Or at least one of us is.)

But as you know, I’ve been feeling off.  Last night, I couldn’t take the off-ness anymore so I stayed up until midnight to read and journal.  (I haven’t voluntarily seen midnight in years!)  It was awesome and filling and clarifying…as time with the Lord always is.  [Sidenote: Why do I so often forget the peace that comes with turning to the Lord?  He never disappoints, and my affections for Him are always stirred.  But I stubbornly hold out…like I’m going to be able to get by without Him this time.  Foolishness!]

Anyway, God opened my eyes to the root of my off-ness.

I was feeling disconnected.  (I was also feeling about 10 other feelings too…which is probably record-breaking for me.  But this was a big one.)

Facebook makes connecting so easy.  Practically effortless.  Where else can you stay current on the day-to-day happenings of 100+ friends and acquaintances (and random people from high school)?  Marriages, pregnancies, births, birthdays, anniversaries, countdowns to vacation, pictures of vacation, hilarious toddler comments, invitations to get-togethers, and on and on.  All available with just a few quick clicks.

Plus, being a stay-at-home mom can be lonely at times.  I frequently relied on facebook to connect me to other grown-ups during the day.  It gave me a way to share my day, share my life, poll a large audience of moms for advice, and schedule an impromptu park party.  I miss that.  It was a great source of information and encouragement for me.

So without it, I feel like I’m always just a little bit behind.  I feel a little more alone.  I feel a little less encouraged.  I feel disconnected.

Facebook was a familiar and easy (mindless, even) way to connect.  Without it, I am relearning what it means to connect to the people in my life.  The old fashioned way.  You know, with texts, blogs, emails, and carrier pigeons.  (I’m practically Amish, right?)

Forget email!  Crayon-written notes are the way to go.

Forget email! Crayon-written notes are the way to go.

[One last note:  I’m not trying to garner pity.  I chose a Facebook-free life.  And really, I do have awesome friends who go the extra mile to keep me in the loop and encourage me.  BUT, life without Facebook does require me to be more intentional.  It takes effort. Labeling my feeling (disconnected-ness…that’s a feeling, right?) is the first step in not letting that feeling dominate how I feel.  That makes sense, right?]


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