A Life Stirred

Always a Daddy’s Girl

on July 29, 2014

One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching my kids learn language.  It’s mind boggling that they go from a baby-blob to a talking human being in basically 2 years.  Crazy.

[Sidenote: I used to work at a preschool for kids with developmental delays, which made me extra appreciative of language acquisition.  I know it doesn’t always happen easily or quickly, but it’s just so amazing to watch a kid connect sounds to words to objects…and for them to realize that there is  power in using language.  So, so cool.]

Joanna frequently makes me laugh with what she says, and I love the insight into her little mind.

Today (while sitting on the potty because that’s what we do allllll the time now), she saw this picture in her baby book:

Joanna as a baby bump (December 2011)

Joanna as a baby bump (December 2011)

I explained that it was her in Mama’s belly.  And in my head, I marveled at how that was really just yesterday and now I have a talking, potty-training two year old next to me.  Just a quick trip down memory lane.

Joanna studied the picture and said, “Dada’s holding me.”

I suppose she’s not wrong, but come on, Joanna!!  You are inside ME!  And Dada gets the credit for holding you?!?!

Once a Daddy’s Girl….Always a Daddy’s Girl.


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