A Life Stirred

It’s About Time.

on August 17, 2014

Time is absolutely fascinating to me.  Seriously.  I love thinking about time and its speed (which is constant, but doesn’t feel constant).

One of my favorite ways to unwind my mind at night is to lie in bed and play the “Time Game” (which I just named right now).  Let’s play a quick round…

[Brace yourself…this may get a little confusing.  Feel free to skip the “Game” and head down to the picture of Joanna.]

So, I pick a kid whose age I have paused in my head.  For example, Tyler will be forever paused at 18 months old.  Sorry, buddy.

Handsome little guy.

Handsome little guy.

That was 5 years ago.  He’s 6 now…and so so tall (still handsome though).

The moment of that picture doesn’t feel that long ago.  I remember that day pretty clearly.  I’d been married for about 4 months.  Ben and I were kid-free but dreaming about our future family (me more than him at that point).  The five years between that picture and now went fairly quickly.

Generally at this point in the Time Game, I pause to marvel at the fact that I now have TWO KIDS.  And one, who wasn’t even close to existing at the time of that picture, now exists and has lived longer than Ty had at that moment.  That moment which wasn’t really all that long ago anyway.  (Confused yet?)

Joanna at 18 months.  It's also worth noting that Claire now wears that shirt.  Time is so strange...and awesome.

Joanna at 18 months. It’s also worth noting that Claire now wears that shirt. Time is so strange…and awesome.

Anyway, the last step of the Time Game is the best (and most mind-blowing).  I fast forward the same amount of time (5 years, in this case) and try to imagine my life 5 years from now.  I will be 35 (weird).  I will have a 7 year old who will be starting second grade in the fall, and a 6 year old who will be starting first grade!  WHAT?!?!  And Tyler will be 11!!  A 6th grader!!  That’s in-sane!

So, yeah, time.  It’s cool, right?!  (I am fully aware that I probably lost most of you during that “game”, but hopefully, you’ll rejoin me now.)

It moves at a constant speed, but it never really feels constant.  It can drag on, and it can fly by.  It can do both at the same time (hello, toddler years).

Time is crazy.  You can’t stop it.  And you can’t speed it up.

But here’s what really, really blows my mind…

God is outside of time.

I can ponder time and its passage, but I have zero control over time or what happens as time passes.  My view of time is oh-so-small small….and limited…and finite.

But God has a view of time that goes from everlasting to everlasting.  He is not bound by time like you and I.  It is all within His control.

That leaves me wanting to submit all my time to the Lord, who is outside of it all.  I know nothing about tomorrow, but as Matt Chandler puts it, “[God] is outside of time so tomorrow isn’t something he knows about and he’s looking forward to; tomorrow is actually a place he is right now.”

God is in tomorrow!  Mind blown.

So, I will keep playing my Time Game at night (I need something to help me fall asleep), but I will let it remind me that God is bigger than all of time.  I will let time stir my affections for the Lord, and I will lean deeper into Him who holds all my days in His hands.


What about you?  Does time blow your mind too?  Or do you have something else that reminds you that you are small and God is not?


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