A Life Stirred

Personality Explosion

on September 24, 2014

At nearly 15 months old, Claire’s personality has just exploded!

After nap yesterday, she was full of all kinds of awesome.  Being the younger sis, she tends to just fall into her sister’s shadow.  Joanna is so verbal and entertaining, and Claire is frequently just along for the ride.  Sometimes I kind of forget that she has her own personality.

[Dear Future Claire, if you’ve googled yourself (or whatever is the 2020 version of googling is) and found this post, don’t worry.  I know you are your own person.  And I plan to encourage that as much as possible.  You won’t have to live in your big sis’s shadow forever.  I hope.]

But anyway, I love watching her personality explode!  I couldn’t stop taking pictures yesterday.  Jo was sleeping, and Claire was hamming it up.  Every time I turned around she was doing something else photo-worthy.

This is "The Face."  It's cute when she's being silly.  It's a bit not-cute when she's being corrected.

This is “The Face.” It’s cute when she’s being silly. It’s not as cute when she’s being sassy.

Just chillin' on the couch, catching up on some reading.

Just chillin’ on the couch, catching up on some reading.

She loves hats.  And maybe the Patriots?  Oh dear.

She loves Daddy’s hats. And maybe the Patriots? Oh dear.

Her language has also been exploding lately…only adding to her personality.  If you had asked me, I would have thought she had less words than Joanna at this age.  But I started counting it all up, and she has doubled the number of words that Joanna had at 15 months.  Her favorite word of all?  “Da-eeeeeee!”  She says it all day long.

Da-eeee is her favorite.

Da-eeee is her favorite.

Claire, I love you lots and lots.  I love watching your personality develop and grow.  You are one cool kid, and I’m so glad you are mine!

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