A Life Stirred

Good News

on October 3, 2014

I totally left you hanging yesterday.  I told you all about the Old-Me, the Me that gossiped.  I told you about how God opened my eyes to my sin.  It was ugly.

And before I dive into the New-Me, we have to talk about how I got from the Old-Me to the New-Me…because it actually had very little to do with me.

You see, there is good news.  The Good News, in fact.  The Gospel.  Jesus Christ came to earth and lived and died to forgive sins.  All sins.  Including ugly gossip-y ones!

I was broken towards my sin.  It disgusted me.  I repented, and the Lord forgave me!  I. am. forgiven.  Praise the Lord!!

He gave me the grace I don’t deserve.  He made me a new creation.

2 corinthians 5.17

That means I get to start fresh.  I may not have a perfect track record with my mouth (who does?), but I am a new creation.  The Lord can change how I speak and what I say!!

And that is true for you too.  There is forgiveness in Christ.  You can become a new creation as well.

So if, during this series, you realize you have sinned with your mouth (or in some other way), you can seek the Lord and find forgiveness and grace and mercy.  You can find a fresh start in Him.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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