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Careful Words

on October 11, 2014

So, Matthew 12:36-37 says that we will have to give an account for every careless word we speak.

Every. Careless.  Word.

Have you ever thought about how many careless words you’ve said?!  I don’t know about you, but I find it a bit overwhelming.  Like maybe I should just stop talking…forever.

Probably not realistic.

[Sidenote:  In 7th grade, I tried to see how long I could go without talking.  I didn’t last long…because even though I didn’t say anything for a whole period–a whole period!–I was writing notes to anyone who would read.  Clearly, I like to be heard.]

A visual reference:  7th grade me.

A visual reference: 7th grade me.

Oh, but the careless words.

Our society is terrible with careless words.   We are so casual with language.  Think about it.  We live in the era of email and texts and Twitter and facebook and comment sections on every blog post and article.  Our words are cheap and easy and plentiful…and careless.

Back in the day of letter-writing and quills and ink wells, words were not so easy to write.  It took time.  And it required thought.  If it took a week to get your words to someone, you wanted that effort to be worth it.  And yes, I’m sure people back-in-the-day were thoughtless and careless with their words too.  But we live in a time when it is very, very easy to share our words and thoughts.

Because of this, we have gotten very careless with our words.  Our words have an impact and consequences, but from the safety of our laptops and cellphones, I think we forget that.  We don’t consider the weight our words have.

Or maybe I should say, most of the time I don’t consider the weight of my words.  Too often, I speak before I think.

Anyone else?

But I long for that to change in me.  I want to carefully consider every word that I say and every word that I type (because typed words are still words, and they matter).

Next week, we’re going to look into the Word, and learn what God has to say about what we say.  Spoiler alert:  He has a lot to say about our words.  He knows that they matter!

Catch up here!

Catch up here!

One response to “Careful Words

  1. Renee says:

    Lol!! Why doesn’t that surprise me that you technically couldn’t go a full period in school without talking! I love your heart Carley and how you express it!
    Oh how I wish I could take back so many words I have said! Especially in my youth. Hurtful and definitely careless words that were expressed in how I felt at-that-moment.
    Lately I’ve realized how powerful words are in the opposite spectrum. How one compliment or encouraging phrase can light up someone’s face.

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