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God’s Word on Our Words :: Psalm 19:14

on October 17, 2014

So, uh, it turns out the Bible has A LOT to say about our words!  During the course of this week, I’ve been shocked at how much instruction God gives us on how we talk.  It’s almost like He knew it was going to be a problem for us humans…


I guess that’s a little comforting.  At least I’m not the only one to have a hard time taming my tongue.

All that to say, I could do another 31 Days on God’s Word on our Words (don’t worry…I probably won’t…probably).  So really, this week, I’m only covering a few of my favorite verses that I’ve come across.  I just felt like I needed to insert that disclaimer here.

Let the words of my mouth and

the meditation of my heart

be acceptable in your sight,

O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. 

Psalm 19:14

So, the thing that gets me about this verse is that it’s not only my words that need to be acceptable to the Lord, but also the meditations of my heart!

Talk about taking it a step further!!

I may be able to control my tongue, but if my mind and heart are still spewing hatred, bitterness, anger, jealousy, or judgment, there’s still a problem.  And as previously mentioned, our words are a heart issue.  So if the meditations of my heart are not acceptable, it’ll only be a matter of time before they become the words of my mouth.

Does that make sense?  (I’ve done a lot of writing this month…and I think I may be losing my ability to write coherent, concise sentences…I’m sorry.)

Oh, Father, forgive me for those times when the meditation of my heart has not been acceptable in your sight.  Forgive me for spending so much time fixing the exterior and failing to focus on my heart’s meditations.  Thank you for your grace and forgiveness.  Thank you that you are faithful to complete the good work you began in me.

Don't miss a day!

Don’t miss a day!


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