A Life Stirred

His Word

on October 25, 2014

You may have noticed that my “Taming the Tongue” posts are getting shorter and shorter.

I wish I could say that’s because I’m learning that less is more when comes to my words.

But really, life has just been rough this week…and there hasn’t been a whole lot of sleep for any of us.  So not cool.

I think we’re on the mend.  I hope.  I pray.  Oh please, let us be on the mend!

I thought playing in the leaves would drive the germs away.

I thought playing in the leaves might drive the germs away.

In this season (can a week count as a season?  It feels like a season) of sickness, I’ve been reminded of the power of the words that I speak to myself.  Also known as thoughts.  Ha!

When there’s a stomach bug in our house, I have a tendency to worry and fret.  My thoughts can easily go down a fearful (and mildly irrational and definitely unproductive) rabbit trail of What-Ifs.  I am learning (slowly) to fill my mind with scripture instead.

His Word and Spirit can fill me with peace that surpasses understanding.  His Word reminds me what is true.  His Word gives me comfort.  His Word is all I need.

Don't miss a day!

Don’t miss a day!


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