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What do you do well? :: A Follow-Up

on March 1, 2015

So, last week, I asked a question:  What do you do well?

I got one response.  One.

<insert cricket chirping>

Now, the number of comments isn’t generally important to me, but it got me wondering why so few responded.

Maybe no one responded because it was Friday afternoon, and who has the time to comment on a blog?!

Or maybe no one responded because it is unnatural to talk about where we excel.  It feels prideful and gloat-y.

Or maybe no one responded because it’s hard to think of anything we do well.  We can easily list off about 27 things we need to work on, but where we are gifted is harder.

Suppose if I asked a different question.  What do your kids do well?  How has the Lord uniquely gifted and wired them?

Don't even get me started on the awesome-ness of these two!

Don’t even get me started on the awesome-ness of these two!

That’s a lot easier, right?

I bet you could go on and on about your kiddos’ gifts.  Even without much thought.  Even on a Friday.

So, God is our Heavenly Father.  He loves us as His child.  He sees us flaws and all.  He sees the “silly” little things that we’re good at (and that bring us joy), and He sees the ways He’s uniquely equipped us to serve Him.

I guess my question has two parts now.  (Drat.  I wanted to make this easier to answer.  It’s just getting harder.)

1.  What is one “silly” thing that you’re good at?

2.  What is one way you are uniquely wired to serve God?

I’ll start.  That only seems fair.

I am a good organizer.  I love my planner (like really, really love it!).  I can knock out a to-do list like a boss.  It’s a gift.

Sometimes I even take pictures of my to do lists.  For posterity.

Sometimes I even take pictures of my to do lists. That’s not weird, is it?

Obviously, it’s harder to see how God has equipped me to serve Him.  Because generally I feel so unqualified.  But I think God has given me an ability to encourage others.  It brings me such joy to be able to speak encouragement to those around me and to stir their affections for God.

Ok, your turn!  Don’t be shy.

4 responses to “What do you do well? :: A Follow-Up

  1. Renee says:

    I guess for the first part I would say, I get ridiculously excited to plan something. Anything. Others seem to get stressed out by planning weddings, birthdays, etc and I just absolutely love planning the little details. I recently got into cleaning out and organizing wardrobes and I’m beyond excited to help two people clean out their closets this week! I HAVE to show you the app I recently downloaded to help with organizing clothes!!!

    The second part I would say is I have grown a heart for women’s ministry. I absolutely love hearing women share their hearts and how they pull their strength from Christ! It’s inspiring and a great reminder of God’s hope and mercy. I could spend hours listening and talking to women about their spiritual journey!

    • Carley Morse says:

      You really are gifted at those things!! You are SO plan-y!! You even put me and my to-do lists to shame. And I want to see that app!! Sounds awesome…and dorky.

      And I have loved watching your heart grow for women’s ministry. It’s so cool to see how the Lord has brought you to this point. I love it!

  2. Cambrea says:

    How am I not subscribed to your blog?! I was totally in love with it and just re-found it. Problem rectified. To answer your question: I am uniquely gifted at faith. I have simple/child-like faith (sometimes too simple, I fear) and unwavering faith that anything difficult I encounter will be dealt with according to God’s plan for my life. A “silly” thing I do well is being excited. I am inordinately excited about the most mundane things and I’m told its contagious.

    • Carley Morse says:

      Welcome back!

      Being gifted at faith is awesome! It shows so much trust in God and God’s sovereignty. What a gift!

      And I love your “silly” gift. Joy *is* contagious.

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