A Life Stirred

Week by Week :: Weeks 1-5

Hey, remember when I used to do Ten on Ten?  Yeah, it’s been a while.  Like nearly five months!

Really, there’s no excuse.

So I’m not going to make one.

And actually, this post isn’t really about Ten on Ten.  It’s about capturing our everyday stuff so that someday I can look back and actually remember these days.  (They’re kind of blurry sometimes.)

Plus these girls of mine grow up so. very. fast.


This was about a year ago. Who are these babies? (Also, that princess dress now stops at Jo’s shins!)

So, this year, I’m trying a new thing!  One picture of the girls.  Once a week.  That’s totally do-able.  (Right?!  Please tell me it is!)

And despite the blogging-hiatus, I have managed to stay on top of the picture-taking.  So, you, my lucky reader, are going to get to see them all at once.  Seriously, you’re so lucky.

Week 1:  We kicked off the year with our tree still up.  That’s totally normal, right?  Plus a sister-picture is always more fun with twinkle lights.  Now if only I could get both kids to smile at the same time.  The struggle is real.  At least we have 52 weeks to practice.

Week 1


Week 2:  We went to “Mini Monet’s” at the local art’s center.  I felt like I was nailing motherhood.  I mean, it’s got “Monet” in the title.  Clearly, I’m raising future artists.  Granted they loved the kiddie pool filled with balls more than the art, but whatevs.

Week 2


Week 3:  The girls got a belated Christmas gift from my parents–big girl legos! It’s been a hit.  Like hours (hours!) of independent play.  Joanna’s been a building-fiend (she built the two things she’s holding with very little help).  In her words, “I’m just following the directions.  I love directions!”  That’s my rule-following little girl! (And yes, the floor always looks like that now.)

Week 3


Week 4:  One day in January, it occurred to me that we are having a crazy warm winter (“warm” being a relative term).  So we went outside to play.  I’d kind of forgotten that they’re a year older this year, and the dressing process wasn’t quite as terrible.  Plus, Claire didn’t sob the entire time.  So win-win.

Week 4


Week 5: I didn’t really mean to do two snow pictures in a row, but that’s life in these parts.  They’ve both got sticks because it’s basically the perfect outside toy.  (Also, Claire is staring at the bird feeder…it was a desperate attempt on my part to get her to smile.)

Week 5


So, there you have it.  The first five Mondays of the year…documented!