A Life Stirred

About Me

Hey!  I’m Carley, and this is my blog.


There are a bazillion blogs out there (give or take a few), and you are taking time (your precious, limited time) to read mine.  I am honored.

I hope you enjoy your time here in my tiny corner of the internet.  I hope you laugh (and only when I’m trying to be funny…not at my struggles, ok?).   I hope you are encouraged.  I hope your affections are stirred for the Lord.  I hope you feel that your time was not wasted.  And remember, time is never wasted when you’re putting off dishes.  My life motto…or not.

So who am I?

Goodness, I wish I knew.  I want to find my identity in Christ alone, but I find that to be very hard sometimes.  I am a child of God, and while that does define me in all the important ways, there are the specifics that make me…me!

In a former life (read: life before kids), I double majored in math and Spanish.  I was a one-on-one for kids with Autism.  I taught a combined 1st and 2nd grade class.   I got good sleep every night (and man, I did not appreciate that).  [Sidenote: Pre-kids, I used to think I didn’t have any time to exercise…I wish I could go back to pre-kids-Carley and tell her, “You have time.  You just don’t want to.”  I’m not sure pre-kid-Carley would have appreciated that kind of honesty.]

Now, I am a wife and mom, and it’s awesome!  I am married to Ben, who is super cool (in a super nerdy kind of way).  We have two beautiful and awesome little girls.

We like to take family-selfies.  Youd think wed be better at it.

We like to take family-selfies. You’d think we’d be better at it.

I spend most of my days setting up the pins and doing normal-everyday-mom stuff (I won’t lie—it’s kind of my favorite job ever).  I love M&Ms, coffee, math (seriously, I will do your Algebra homework), Myers-Brigg, comedy (like actual funny-comedy…not that slapstick stuff), reading, being real, and deep conversations with friends (or you know, deep one-sided conversations…aka this blog).  I’m also an ISTJ, and if that means anything to you, we should be friends.

So, thank you for stopping by my one-in-a-bazillion blog.  I hope you will stick around!

We like to have fun here!

We like to have fun here!


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