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The Elephant in the Room

Let’s just address the elephant in the room, shall we?

Or the elephant in the blog…

It’s been forever since I’ve blogged.  Like legit forever!!

I’m not sure how you make a comeback from that kind of blogging-break.  I don’t know if it’s even possible.  I mean, three months is like 5 years in internet-time, right?

So, I’m doing want I do best–pointing out the obvious, laughing nervously, and moving on.

I’ve missed this.  I’ve missed writing.  I’ve missed this place to share my thoughts.  I’ve missed having my affections stirred for the Lord through processing and writing and interacting with the occasional reader.

So, I’m back.  But I’m not making any promises.  I just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about you, my dear blog and readers (is it presumptuous to assume I have more than one?).

The elephant in the room has been addressed, and now I’m free to write again.  And hey, if I write at least one post before mid-March, then I’m improving, right?


Happy 1st Blogiversary to me!

Can you believe it?  It’s been a year!!!

A year since I kicked off this little blog adventure!  (Well, a year and two days…whoops.)

When I started last year, I had no idea how it would go.  Would I write two posts and quit?  Would I run out of stuff to say after 3 months?  Would anyone care?  Would anyone read?  Would it matter?  How would I find the time? (I had a 3 month old and an 18 month old.  I didn’t exactly have loads of spare time.)

Life a year ago...

Life a year ago…

But here we are.  A year later.  A year older.  A year wiser.

Life now.  Whoa, Time, slow down!

Life now. Whoa, Time, slow down!

And it turns out I really, really enjoy writing!!  Who knew?!

This blog endeavor has stirred my affections for the Lord in ways I didn’t anticipate.   It has given me back that little piece of my mommy mind that longs for full sentences and deep thoughts.  It has given me an outlet.  It has helped me process my thoughts and feelings.

So in honor of my blogiversary, I leave you with some of the highlights of the last year (in my opinion):

  • I made a case for Myers-Brigg…and again…and again.  I love Myers-Brigg, and you should too!
  • Like a real blogger, I have a word for 2014.  Jury is still out on whether I’m learning how to apply it.
  • This post was hard to write, but I needed to step out in bravery a little.
  • I quit facebook in May.  It was (is!) liberating!  (This is also my most-read post…some people have even found it by googling “life without facebook.”  Apparently, it’s common for people to wonder if such a life exists.)
  • I wondered why I write.

It has been a good blogging year.  I am so thankful you take your precious and limited time to read what I have to say.  It really does mean so much to me!

Oh!  Get ready!!  I’m joining in a 31 day blog challenge in October.

One topic.  31 days.  Oh, it’s gonna be good!  I can.not.wait!!

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Why I Write

So, remember two days ago when I was wondering why I blog and if there’s any purpose (and/or value) to my blogging?

It was pretty much a rhetorical question.

But God’s timing is very cool.  He answered my question.  The very. next. day.   A blog post entitled, When You Wonder Why You Write, popped up in my newsfeed.

Um, hello!  It might as well have been “When You, Carley, Wonder Why You Write Because I Know You Have Been Wondering Why You Write.”  But that would have been a bit cumbersome as far as blog titles go…and a bit specific.

It was exactly what I needed to hear.

There is value in finding an outlet for my creativity and pursuing it, even if I never make a dime (I probably won’t) and even if my readership stays in the single digits (it probably will).  This blog has got be about more than the slight chance of gaining popularity and fame.  It has to be about sharing my story–my life–with the hope that Lord might encourage your heart and stir your affections towards Him.  

And it’s about doing all that without ever knowing if I’m doing it successfully.

Which is no easy feat.  I like feedback (preferrably positive) and affirmation (and lots of it).  Perhaps a little too much.  [Sidenote: I had a hard time adjusting to life after college because the real world doesn’t issue quarterly report cards to tell me I’m nailing it.  But it should.  Because I am.  HA!]

Yet I am learning (slowly) to find joy in the process.  The process of writing.  The process of thinking through my thoughts.  The process of putting thoughts into coherent sentences (shockingly hard when my mind is in baby/toddler mode most of the time).  The process of allowing the Lord to direct my thoughts as I write to clarify what He is doing in my heart.  The process of having my affections stirred for the Lord through writing.

So, I will let go of my desires to put out perfectly crafted posts (that will surely go viral for all the awesomeness contained within them).  And I will write from my heart.  I will be real and authentic and human.  I will learn to find joy in the process.

I will keep on writing and sharing and (hopefully) encouraging and stirring your affections for the Lord.

And that is why I write.

Maybe this picture is a metaphor about writing and launching into the great, wide unknown.  Or maybe it's just a cute picture of my daughter enjoying our ridiculously beautiful summer.   You decide.

Maybe this picture is a metaphor about writing and launching into the great unknown.
Or maybe it’s just a cute picture of my kiddo enjoying our ridiculously beautiful summer.
You decide.



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