A Life Stirred

What’s “A Stirred Life”?

A weird blog title, right?  I bet you’re just dying to know how I came up with something so fabulous and creative.

Ok, so Matt Chandler, the lead-teaching pastor at the Village Church in Texas, introduced the idea that there are things in life that stir our affections towards the Lord.  These things might not be intrinsically religious or spiritual, but they cause us to be more passionate about the Lord, more eager to serve Him, and more excited to know Him.

It’s my hope that this blog will be a reflection of that idea.  It will include some of those things that stir my affections towards the Lord, and hopefully, you will find that your affections are stirred for the Lord by reading here.  Of course, this is one heck of a lofty goal, so I’ll just start by sharing what I find stirs my affections, and we’ll see if that develops into anything.  Of course, there’s also a very real possibility that I’ll write two blog posts and then quit…but that’s not ideal.

So, let’s get to it!  What stirs my affections for the Lord?  What gets me all geeked-up excited to be a follower of Christ?  What makes me want to dig into Him more?  What in the world is this blog going to be about?!  Ok, ok…just calm down.  Here’s my list (in no particular order):

  1. Real and deep conversations with friends, getting past the superficial and getting to our hearts, sharing what’s really going on, and encouraging one another in the Lord.  <happy sigh>  So good.  Even just thinking about it gets me all pumped.
  2. Humor.  My word, humans can be hilarious, and I love a good laugh!  This one really goes back to my desire to be a stand-up comedian.  Yeah, that’s right.  I think I’m funny.
  3. If you’ve been my friend for any length of time, I’ve probably made you take the Myers-Brigg Personality test (thankyouverymuch, Apartment of Affirmation*).  I absolutely LOVE seeing how God designed us to think, process, and handle the world.  Oh, my, I could go on and on and on.  And I think I will…in a different post.
  4. When my girls’ naptimes align, I like to sit down on my terrible tiny couch with a cup of coffee and read and journal.  This doesn’t always happen; I’m way too good at wasting time (see: Things that rob my affections for the Lord).
  5. Encouraging others, especially moms.  This mom thing is a hard gig (I know, I know, I’m only a few years into it, but it’s hard), and we are waaaay too hard on ourselves.  Plus, I’ve noticed there’s a definite culture of negative-ness and unhelpful cliches (oh, if I had a nickel for every time someone faked-encouraged me with a “You just wait…” sentence).
  6. Reading encouraging, Christ-filled, humorous blogs.  And it’s my secret (ok, not-so-secret) dream to write an encouraging, Christ-filled, humorous blog too!!
* That was the name of my apartment senior year of college.  Yeah, we named our apartment.  Yeah, we were that cool.  We also beat Super Mario World for Super Nintendo (really?  That’s a lot of supers) from a tent in our living room.  Yeah, like a real, camping tent.

So what about you?  What stirs your affections for the Lord?  I’d love to hear!


3 responses to “What’s “A Stirred Life”?

  1. Dawn says:

    Being with friends like you, who make me laugh, cry and allows me to be real, really real :). Super excited to read your blogs….maybe you can help me set up one?

  2. […] about sharing my story–my life–with the hope that Lord might encourage your heart and stir your affections towards Him. […]

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